Serum replacement for all animal cell culture



XerumFree is a serum replacement for all animal cell culture practices that is chemically defined and thus avoids lot-to-lot variations. It has been developed taking into account what is missing in the existing basal cell culture media to sustain the growth requirements of all cell types - a nutritional approach at the cellular level. 

XerumFree™ benefits compared to conventional serum containing media:

-  It is produced in the Netherlands and cGMP certified
-  As it is chemically defined there are no lot–to–lot variations and thus skips the need for testing new batches of serum.
-  No interference of unknown serum compounds in your research.
-  Does not contain hormones or growth factors which could bias your research data.
-  For the absence of animal derived products XerumFree is FDA–friendly.
-  Avoids ethical issues which are a real, little known problem with the use of FBS. 


XerumFree™ is certified to deliver.

It is produced under cGMP. The production takes place in the Netherlands at a site licensed for medicinal products by the Dutch Ministry of Health. We have a.o. statements available for: TSE/BSE-free, animal free, certification of origin.