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Less and faster

ProNano Gentaur
• Replaceable Disposable and economic sample carrier, avoid contamination from protein
• Less and faster Much less sample, reagent and reacting time are required
• No calibration As other Maestrogen’s products, ProNano needn’t calibration
•Focus on protein First micro-volume spectrophotometer designed for protein in the world

ProNano micro-volume spectrophotometer is designed for quick and accurate quantification of protein analysis. Focusing on BCA, Bradford and Pierce 660 assay, ProNano has light source with three wavelengths for most of the quantification requirements of protein.
Unlike traditional methods, ProNano needs less sample size, less reacting time, and provides the same performance. Only 2ul samples are needed to be measured, and only 10 minutes reacting time is required, which is much less than traditional 30 mins to 2 hours. The linearity reaches R square > 0.98 for every assay, and reproducibility is stable.
Like MaestroNano spectrophotometer, ProNano needs no calibration, and can be operated by embedded system. Also, the saved data can be accessed by USB port to PC

Products ProNano
Cat No. PN-913-01
Measurement Sample Size 2μL
Measurement Spec. 1.OD562nm, OD595nm, OD660nm
2.BCA assay : 0~2000 (μg/ml), R²>0.99;
3.Bradford : 6.25~125 (μg/ml) , R²>0.98 125~1000 (μg/ml) , R²>0.99 1000~2000 (μg/ml), R²>0.99
4.Lowry assay : 12.5~50 (μg/ml), R²>0.99 50~2000 (μg/ml), R²>0.99
Light Propagation Material Quartz Fiber
Pathlength ~ 0.5mm
Measurement Time ~1 sec.
Operation Voltage 24V DC
Operation Power Consumption Stand by :5 W
When drive thermal printer: 35W
Data Output Interface Liquid crystal display(TFT),
Thermal printer
Printer Paper Width/Print Width:58mm / 48mm
USB connected to PC to access
LCD Resolution 320(W) ×240(H) dots matrix
System Structure Embedded system, No PC
Light Source Light-Emitting Diode
Size 276.3mm x 276.3mm x 119mm
(Not including foot pad)
Weight 2.5 Kgw (Not including adapter)


Order: ProNano Micro-volume quantification of prot in analysis.(562nm/595nm/660nm)

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