Crack Free solution for gel


The Crack-Free kit is based on a unique solution and cellophane sheets, which together regulate the rate of water release from the gel to ensure crack-free gel of up to 20% polyacrylamide content.

 Product  Size Conctr  Catalog 
  Gel Drying Kit  500ml  x4  C010
  Gel Drying Kit  500ml  x1  C020


Kit specifications and contents:


Concentration: X4 . Volume: 500 ml, Number of gels: 20 midi (20 X 20 cm) or 40 mini (10 X 10 cm), Number of Cellophane sheets: 20 (20 x20 cm). Other sizes of Cellopane sheets are available upon request.


Concentration: X1,  Volume: 500 ml,  Number of gels: 5 midi (20 X 20 cm) or 15 mini (10 X 10 cm), Number of Cellophane sheets: 5 (20 x 20 cm), Other sizes of Cellopane sheets are available upon request.


Drying polyacrylamide gels without cracks for fluorography, densitometry, autoradiograpy and permanent storage. Polyacrylamide concentration: up to 20%. Gel types: native and denatured (SDS or urea).


Upon arrival, store at 4°C. Shipped at ambient temperature. 
This product is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase, when properly handled and stored.


Gel Drying X1 catalog number C020:

The kit contains 500 ml of X1 of Crack-Free solution and 10 cellophane sheets (20 X 20 cm).
With one kit it is possible to dry 5 midi gels (100 ml for 20 X 20 cm gel) or 15 mini gels (30 ml for 10 X 10 cm gel, the cellophane sheets must be cut in half).

Before starting with X1 kit catalog number C020:

Add 100 ml of IsoPropanol (2-Propanol) and mix vigorously to prepare the Crack-Free solution X1. After adding 100 ml of IsoPropanol, refer to step 1 at the Gel Drying Kit handbook.