Electro elution

Electro Elution method with Gentaurflex-tube


Gentaur has developped a new tool  which provide highly efficient molecule extraction from any gel. Gentaurflex-tube process is organized to accomodate  small or large gel slice inside the Gentaurflex-tube. Gentaurflex-tub extract any molecule ranging from 3,5kDa to unlimited size molecule. Gentaurflex-tube chamber together with the gel slice, is buffer filled.

Using electro elution Gentaurflex-tube supporting tray,  position each tube membrane surface perpendicular to current flowing from the electrodes, so as to provide membrane maximum surface exposure to electrical flow of current.


Protein preparation for MALDI-TOF-MS


Sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is a widely used technique for the separation and estimation of the molecular weight of individual proteins.

The accuracy of molecular weight determination & characterization is limited by protein low recovery. Recently, MALDI-TOF-MS has found widespread use for the determination of molecular mass of intact proteins isolated from gels. Isolation of proteins from gels with the newly developed Gentaurflex-tube electro-elution system delivers over 80% recovery yields. A combination of SDS-PAGE, Gentaurflex-tube electro-elution system, and MS buffer removing SDS (included in kit), delivers MALDI-TOF-MS,  and greater accuracy in the determination of protein molecules. Now we can analyze low yield and complex proteins, such as integral membrane proteins (hydrophobic) or high molecular masses protein.

Gentaurflex-tube Protein gel extraction


Electro elution with Gentaurflex-tube provides rapid, secure, efficient tools extracting protein from polyacrylamide gel. Minimum guarenteed protein recovery is above 70%.


Oligo PAGE purification


30 min Oligo PAGE purification. Gentaur has developed a new short protocol for Oligo PAGE purification. The present method for oligo PAGE purification is a lengthy process (overnight) and provides a low yield, (the diffusion method provides a low 20-30% recovery).

DNA, RNA and large DNA gel extraction


High throughput electro elution with Gentaurflex-tube using standard electrophoresis unit
Picture shows 24 Midi Gentaurflex-tube electro eluting, typical 50kDa/ 80mi

This gel extraction kit extracts small nucleic acid fragments such as DNA Oligonucleotides (down to 15nt) and RNA molecules. It can also be used to extract protein-nucleic acid complexes and large size DNA fragments (>100kb) from agarose or polyacrylamide gel. Gentaurflex-tube is based on a single-use tube.