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Treatment of Multidrug Resistance

In order to limit the development of antimicrobial resistance, the following is assumed:

A Graph representing the cases of Acinetobacter resistance according to the National Healht care Safety Network in USA

      Medical community is dependent on the training of the doctors and self-regulation in the form of a complaint to the voluntary use of antimicrobial agents in the hospital that can take the form of an antimicrobial stewardship program. It is depending on the cultural context, it is claimed that it will help to educate the public about the importance of limiting the use of antibiotics for clinical use in humans, and can be, but unlike drugs Te, anywhere in the world, there is no regulation without its use at this time.

      For example, you can limit the treatment of animals for human consumption success, use of antibiotics, are regulated in Denmark. Prevention is the most effective strategies to prevent infection by MDR organisms in the hospital, the wider the case of antibiotic panresistant infection resistance, if it is cut or removed infected or localized, several alternatives (you may attempt to with MDR-TB, but for example there, in the case of systemic infection, lung cancer,) is also possible measures generally used to increase the immune system in the immunoglobulin such. The clinical application at this time (virus kill bacteria) use of bacteriophage.

a graph showing the dwindling number of new antibiotics for the last 30 years according to the National Healht care Safety Network in USA

      Drug-resistant and multidrug resistance tuberculosis and have a high mortality rate in general. However, in many cases, it is possible to process a suitable combination with rational use of the available anti-TB drugs. Describes the evidence of each drug, this review describes the basis of the recommendations for the treatment of patients with XDR and MDR-TB. The recommended dose is a combination of at least four drugs that could be sensitive to the isolation of M. tuberculosis is high. Efficacy, safety and drug has been selected in the selection step-by-step process in five groups on the basis of cost. Among the first group of high-dose isoniazid (oral medicine in the first row), ethambutol and pyrazinamide is considered as a supplement for the treatment of TB and XDR of MDR. The second group is a fluoroquinolone first in the high-dose levofloxacin as needed. Thereafter, capreomycin, kanamycin, amikacin: third group is an injectable drugs used in the following order. Called second line drugs, then fourth group should be used in order thioamide aminosalicylate cycloserine, below. There are drugs not very effective, and clinical data poor or the target, but the fifth group is included. Drag in the fifth group to be used in the following order: clofazimine amoxicillin, and clavulanic acid, linezolid, carbapenem thioacetazone Clarice then.

A shield with a red cross stopping viruses

      The best way to prevent the emergence of multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria, it is actually very simple: we use antibiotics appropriately. Many people, it is not surprising that with the increase of its availability in particular, it is noted in the excessive use of antibiotics. In fact, a common misconception is that the antibiotic that, in the panacea for all diseases when it is useless against diseases such as colds and flu caused by a virus such they are. Unfortunately, both patients and doctors is contributing to the problem, even if there are no symptoms, doctors are reluctant to prescribe antibiotics in severe patients. Abuse of antibiotics, will be able to limit its effectiveness, but it is the abuse of another problem. Clinical trials and careful study has been performed that the dose of the most effective use of antibiotics in certain types of infections and to provide physicians timing. To follow the instruction of the doctor for without giving the patient the opportunity to develop resistance to antibiotics in bacteria, effectively removing the infection is essential.

      For the prevention of antimicrobial resistance, I have described the drug your doctor is suitable for your condition with you. Never and, please follow the instructions of prescription drugs a doctor strictly, to take, or do not share prescription drugs for someone else. She has a clear understanding of your symptoms or him, antibacterial agents such as antibiotics, such as this, to be able to determine whether it is appropriate, please consult your doctor. Please Do not save antibiotics for the next time you get sick. The taking of medicine instructions of your health care professional you exactly like. Your doctor if you have prescription overdose that were discarded after you have completed the prescribed courses of treatment, the appropriate drug residues. To prevent the disease, healthy habits of lifestyle, including health good proper diet, such as frequent hand washing, such as this, exercise, and sleep patterns, can be used to prevent the abuse of drugs and excessive use.

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